No matter what city you’re in, Goodfoot helps you find the best spots.

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How it works

Meet Goodfoot. He’s a yeti. Goodfoot takes all the best spots from Gowalla and sorts them based on the number of check-ins. Then he splits up those spots based on whether you can Walk, Bike, or Drive to those locations.

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Goodfoot is a pioneer in the field of Awesometrics™. Each spot has its own Awesometer® which gauges how frequently it’s re-visted by locals. More bars means it’s likely a “Local Hotspot”. No bars? Well, it might be a tourist trap.


Quality Spots

Goodfoot spots mega-brands, gas stations, apartment complexes, doctor’s offices, etc. from miles away and takes them off of your list so you can focus on the more interesting parts of town. Never get stuck eating at a chain restaurant again.

Never Eat at a Chili's again!